Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – Kedu America

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe Kedu America:

As far as highlife LPs go, this is one of the peaks… the Holy Grail.

Now, it’s not an easy feat passing discerning judgement on Osadebe LPs, but Kedu America is surely one of the maestro’s signature LPs, if not the most esteemed.

Kedu America was released through the Xenophile Records and Green Linnet Records label in 1996, to much critical praise. The LP carried on the torch of massive sales passed on by its predecessors like Onu Kwulu Njo (which earned Osadebe a gold disc) and Osondi Owendi.

Without further ado, marinade the Osadebe Kedu America LP below ?


© 1996 Xenophile. Green Linnet Records.




Ka Anyi Jikota


Aye Mama

Merenge Sposa


Nyem Obi Gi


Agbalu Aka Na Azo Ani


Osondi Owendi

Nwannem Ebezina


Kedu America

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