Singer Elton John reveals Sex Toys Eminem got him as Gift haven’t been used

Recall Back in 2017, renowned singer Elton John disclosed that rapper Eminem got him some sex toys after the singer got married to his husband. Well as it turns out, they’re yet to be used.

John revealed as much while answering questions from people like singer-songwriter Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan and others for The Guardian in a story that was published on Saturday (Oct. 12).

“Have you used your wedding gift yet?” Eminem asked the legendary performer. “Ah, no,” Elton said in response. From there, he added some context.

“Eminem bought me and David matching cock rings when we got married,” Elton disclosed. “That was his gift. They sit there, like the crown jewels, in this beautiful box on satin cushions.”

As we mentioned up top, John announced the gift publicly back in 2017, and at the time, he said the sex toys still remained in their box. Apparently they’re still there.

John and Eminem have been friends since at least the time they performed Eminem’s acclaimed single Stan at the 2001 Grammy Awards.

Also remember that Elton John was one of Eminem’s biggest defenders when the controversial rapper was accused of homophobia years ago.

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