Majek Fashek and The Prisoners of Conscience – So Long Too Long

Majek Fashek So Long Too Long:

So Long Too Long is a reggae song by Nigerian reggae singer-songwriter Majek Fashek, for his 1991 third studio album of the same name, though it first appeared on the album Spirit of Love.

The song was the opening track on the A-Side of the album.

In the song, Fashek encourages listeners to wake up from their slumber, saying “we’ve been sitting for so long, we’ve been fooling around for too long”.

Singers Jolass Edemwanria, Love Joy and Thornetta Davis provide backing vocals on the song.

In 1992, the artist appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in support of the album, and performed this song for the television audience.

Marinade on this conscious classic.



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