Rapper Fat Joe nearly ended Beef Between 50 Cent and Ja Rule

Fat Joe recently paid a visit to the morning show, The Breakfast Club. During the interview, the mogul took the time to promote his upcoming album, tell stories about Big Pun and ending the protracted 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef.

This seems complicated as Joey was once one of 50 Cent’s enemies, but one of Ja Rule’s good friends. Rule and Joey collaborated on the song New York.

The Cool & Dre track was initially meant for Fat Joe, but he eventually turned it down. After the beat landed in the hands of Ja Rule and Irv Gotti, the final cut of the song featured Fat Joe and Jadakiss. In his verse, Ja Rule took shots at long-time rival 50 Cent. 50 then responded in his song Piggy Bank and attacked both Fat Joe and Jadakiss saying,

“Got a hundred guns a hundred clips, why I don’t hear no shots?
That fat nigga thought “Lean Back” was “In Da Club”
My shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud
Jada don’t fuck with me if you want to eat
‘Cause I’ll do your little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep
Yea homie, in New York niggas like your vocals
But that’s only New York dog, your ass is local”

Joe had planned to bring the two New York rappers out to a concert but his attempt was nipped in the bud after proposing it to Ja Rule and Irv Gotti who fervidly dismissed the idea.

Albeit having made amends with 50, Joe advises that beefing with the Candy Shop crooner is not the best move if you don’t have tough skin. Well, ain’t that the truth?

Check out the full interview below

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