Biography: Daniel Bedingfield


New Zealand singer, songwriter and record producer Daniel John Bedingfield was born on December 3, 1979 and grew up in southeast London. He is the brother of fellow singers Natasha Bedingfield and Nikola Rachelle with whom he teamed up to assemble their first band, the DNA Algorhythm.

Bedingfield recorded his first single ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ in his bedroom with a microphone plugged to his computer. It was released officially in 2001 by Relentless Records and peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart. He signed to Polydor UK, and in 2002 released his debut album, ”Gotta Get Thru This”, which peaked at number two (2) on the UK Albums Chart and sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. Also on the album were two more number one singles; ‘If You’re Not The One’ and ‘Never Gonna Leave Your Side’.

In 2004, Bedingfield released his second album, “Second First Impression”, through Universal Music and it reached number 8 in the UK, but could not match the success of his debut effort and did not get a US release. Bedingfield then went on a 4 year hiatus from his career and only worked on material for other artists. In 2012, he returned with the single ‘Rocks Off’ and also released an EP “Stop the Traffik – Secret Fear”.

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