Biography: Carol Williams

At a time when disco was still breaking into the mainstream, Carol Williams first achieved success in 1976 with her dance version of Kai Winding’s 1963 hit “More” which was from the movie Mondo Cane. The Montclaire, NJ, native was one of few female vocalists in the genre at the time. She worked with producer Vince Montana Jr. for her Salsoul debut album, ‘Lectric Lady, on which she co-wrote three selections and acted as co-publisher. The input paid off, with “Come Back,” the follow up to “More,” which was co-written by Williams, becoming a club classic. In addition to scoring as a disco diva, the singer/songwriter was a live performer in her own Top 40 band and a member of female soul trio the Geminis. Her first outside effort was appearing on producer Tony Valor’s Love Has Come My Way album in 1978. A mellow disco album combining instrumentals with vocal tracks, Williams appeared on the title track, a significant success in Canada.This association led to a deal with the independent Roy-B Records for her second album, 1980’s Reflections of Carol Williams.

Carol’s hits will always be revered and fondly remembered by fans of the club scene. These include “Tell the World”, “Can’t Get Away (From Your Love)”, “No One Can Do It (Like you)”, “You’ve Reached the Bottom Line” and in the late 80’s her acclaimed hit, “What’s the Deal.”

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