Ali Chukwumah & his Peace Makers Int’l – Onye Melu Ogo Amazi

Ali Chukwumah Onye Melu Ogo Amazi:

Onye Melu Ogo Amazi is a traditional highlife song by Nigerian Highlife musician and composer Ali Chukwumah and his Peace Makers International band. It is housed as the third (3rd) track on their 1978 self-titled LP, released through the Editions Namaco label.

With his signature style of message convergence and unique voice, Chukwumah admonishes the ingrates who quickly forget the good deeds.

‘Onye Melu Ogo Amazi’ is native Nigerian Igbo language which means ‘the person I granted a favour doesn’t realize it anymore’. He also describes how everything on earth eventually amounts to vanity.

Thought-provoking, yes?


© 1978 Editions Namaco


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